I’m an old lady, have been a minimalist all my life, working with the homeless, have loved cemeteries all my life, critters too, letterboxing, gardening, reading, have also been a foodie all the way back to kiddiehood.

So in 2017, the blog may end up being about a variety of things of no interest to anyone but myself. 🙂  To anyone who follows me, that’s great, thanks! And to anyone who doesn’t, that’s great too, thanks for occasionally dropping by!

Love my camera but all my photography is very strictly amateur & taken only for my own enjoyment & fun.

My home base is mostly northern Illinois where we’re currently owned by two little dogs — Munchie, aka The Lady M aka The Chinese Diva, a senior Pekingese who hasn’t a humble bone in her body & is quite vocal in letting a person know it, & Wussy, a senior Shihtoodle, the world’s most perfect little gentleman.

I rarely take pictures when traveling any long distance away, just ’cause 1. I prefer to be much more private with sketchpad & travel journal; 2. I have no idea where taking pictures will be fine & where it won’t be appreciated & I’d rather not risk my life ’cause I clicked in the wrong place at the wrong time.

(all photos & art are my original work unless otherwise noted.)

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